How can we help you secure the best loan?

We offer short-term loans from $50,000 up to $80,000,000 secured against Australian real estate. We help you and/or your client to secure funds for projects with loan products that are tailored to you and/or your clients needs.

Experienced Non-Bank Lender: Access funding not available through banks, credit unions and building societies.

Fast approval and settlement times: We move quickly! We provide quick answers and prompt settlements so you can act fast.

Funding specifically for your project: We fund loans for up to three years. Loan types include commercial property, residential property, construction and development, short-term business and newly established property.

No hidden fees: Transparency from the start. You are made aware of all applicable fees on the entirety of your and/or our clients loan.

Fixed rate, interest only: Lock in your rate and know exactly what you are paying.

Flexibility: From the amount, location, term, LVR, to how the interest is paid you will be given a completely personalised rate as we believe no two loans are the same.

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